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Release Resistance and Journey Through the Quantum Gate

When entering a quantum reality, beliefs about what we know are relaxed and boundaries limiting travel through time, space, and beyond are lifted. We are granted the freedom to explore consciousness, and the journey directed by the core of our being begins.

A path that opens a door into this quantum journey is a method called QHHT. Like entering a dream with a trusted guide, you and your QHHT practitioner safely and comfortably step into these worlds beyond. Equipped with receptivity and willingness to follow the impulses from your inner being, you can explore deep levels of consciousness through the exploration of other lifetimes. It is an opportunity to examine a series of important days including the last day of that life. The transition from that life through its end to the spirit side creates an opening to call forth an even greater part of you, your source. QHHT now becomes a quantum dialogue between the practitioner and your source self channeled through you and your voice. We learn why the higher self chooses to show you that lifetime along with its purpose, lessons, and connections to the life you are living now. With great love, humor, and power, the higher self answers all of your questions appropriately. Performing any necessary healing—ultimately merging more fully with your being.

Offering Mutual Purpose
As a QHHT practitioner, I am with individuals whose higher selves challenge me to think beyond what I believe is possible. The capacity to traverse lifetime after lifetime loosens my grip on limiting beliefs that no longer serve a higher purpose. Source begins presenting individuals with lifetimes that extend into the future or existences in parallel universes and other dimensions. Here the past, present, and future occur side-by-side. In instances where returning to the same past life of an individual over multiple QHHT sessions were allowed, I began to see quantum reality as more than a simple journey through the memories stored in the library of akashic records. I would experience this other lifetime as consciousness and sentience simultaneously living in their present moment. Taking time out of their day to meet with me in my present moment—our meetings serving as a bridge between my past and present with their present and future creating what I consider to be a quantum moment.

These quantum moments created through the practice of QHHT bring me a great sense of joy and curiosity. How wonderful it is to receive these gifts as I guide others along their path with the help of the higher self. Always meeting us at the perfect place of intersection so that consciousness can be expanded and integrated in a way that’s exciting, unusual, and helpful for anyone along their life path. It is my hope that more and more individuals begin to enter this quantum reality, participate in the creation of these quantum moments, and experience the many dimensions of being. These moments remind us to loosen our patterns of belief while welcoming new possibilities, diversifying our awareness, and illuminating one’s truth. And as a result, healing, or the integration of one’s truth with the whole, can occur so that one can embody themselves fully and consciously in living their life purpose.