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Oracle Readings!

Something new I tried while partnering with the Friends of The Bead Gallery Holiday Charity Fair to raise money for Hawai‘i Nonprofits.

With my QHHT practice I get to show people how easy it is to access their multidimensionality and receive guidance directly from their source. Instead of using a psychic, channel, or other professional, they get to experience other lifetimes, be their higher self, and answer all their questions from their source perspective. Because of this and the concern of disempowerment, I’ve found it unnecessary to open myself publicly as a channel who provides information and guidance for others.

In this New Earth paradigm we’re co-creating, I do what’s fun and aligned with my values and desires—called forward by inspired action. I want to help others to remember why they are here, what they agreed to do, and what to do next.

I did an expo recently where I setup a booth and offered Cacao Heart Openings amongst a row of readers, healers, and channels. At the event, someone approached my table and asked if I did readings. I responded with a quick “No” and they walked away. But after the event I contemplated the idea of being a reader, a channel, an oracle…I know I can do it. It comes naturally to me to access and open the doorway to the unseen. So can I help others in a way that’s in alignment and empowering others on their path by reading oracle cards?

For the Charity Fair, many who attended were part of the community of The Bead Gallery looking to explore handmade creations by fellow beaders, jewelers, and creatives. They weren’t there, on a conscious level, to find guidance on their lifepath and work. I did no marketing of my readings before the event which made those Oracle Readings extremely fun for me. Anyone who showed up was spontaneously getting a reading. It was the first time I saw the possibility and the space to be a channel for those that are ready to hear it. Spirit is always trying to help—they want you to ask, they want you to listen, they want us to remember and succeed in our life and work.

So will I continue to do readings? Yes! As long as I feel inspired and uplifted by the work. But I suspect there will come a time where I’ll be rooted in a different path that will render this training ground for me complete. Until then, schedule a reading before my answer is “No” ?