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2018 Solstice Full Moon Reading

A conversation from New York to Hawai’i that led to a collective reading of the Solstice Full Moon set for December 21-22. I recorded and transcribed our impromptu reading for your mystical pleasure!

Kealapono: This is where we are right now: The Flaming Tropics.

I see lots of fire. So in the recent readings Pele, which is the goddess of the islands, she’s the mother energy of the earth, the fire energy, the alchemist. It’s like using the element of fire, the alchemy, to transform the shadow into a beautiful blossom. So that’s where we are right now we’re in the purification process—we’re walking through the flames.

Stephen: There’s a triangle pointing down and a triangle pointing up and together if you look it goes smaller and smaller, that’s the Sri Yantra. It’s what we’ve been talking about of rising up the energy to connect the beyond and drawing it back down into our lives. It’s a symbol of the Sri Yantra. Which means Life Symbol, which means Life is this connecting to the divine and drawing it back down and manifesting into this universe, into this plane.

Kealapono: So that’s where we are right now…were in the rising and the falling, the raising of our frequencies and the lowering of our frequencies. We’re preparing our frequencies for….A Great Great Mirror.

Stephen: Who or what is triggering you?

Kealapono: She’s reaching down to the water and it’s mirroring her back…so as we approach the solstice it’s like the splitting of the worlds. The mirror is the point of contact between the world and the world that mirrors itself. It’s almost like the world’s have already split. The New Earth and the Old Earth. And now like a butterfly, when we hit the solstice, the New Earth can open its wings up and mirror itself on the new plane. It’s like the New Earth was the half, and now the half is opening to its whole. Now it can eminate in a whole dimensional reality on its own. Do you have anything to add to that?

Stephen: I feel like as we approach the solstice, like we were talking about releasing all of this old stuff, when you do gaze into the mirror and you allow yourself to be conscious of that, then you give yourself the opportunity to split away from the dark or what you’re trying to release. But it’s not unless you actually look into the mirror and see the reflection of yourself and see how your truly behaving rather than turning away from the mirror and ignoring how you’re actually behaving, and because that witnessing is happening on a global level culturally, it’s creating that space for this new dimension to lift off and become what it fully needs to become because we’ve had that moment in reflection.

Kealapono: anything else? Hmmm. Nope. OK. Ooooo…This is the first time I’ve pulled the Dragon card!

Stephen: Holy cow! I can’t believe you pulled that! I’ve been feeling very connected to dragon energy. There’s been times in my meditation where I’ve felt like a dragon shows up and I’ve been completely enveloped in dragon fire and transformational energy. It’s amazing! But it’s always this message of it’s not a destructive energy but phoenix energy like transformation and spiraling up into the next level at a much faster rate as opposed to a slow burn it’s like an instant transformation and taking flight.

Kealapono: So we’re headed for an instant transformation. We’ll build up to this [solstice], we’ll mirror our higher selves then the Dragon will take us into the New Year almost instantaneously. The Dragon is the leader, it leads us forward—the protector…and there’s so much wisdom of the ages. It sees all and it lets us experience what we need to experience even though it knows it’s not healthy for us. It sees processes and transformation over a very long period of time, so with that length of perspective it understands that by being detrimental to ourselves and to our planet, it served us, and it waited with us as it let us go through that process and now it’s ready to lead us into into the next process where we don’t have to destroy ourselves anymore. Yeah, we don’t have to be destructive anymore to understand that we are all one.

Stephen: Right. And when you said knowledge I was thinking not frivolous knowledge or base knowledge not what we think of being capitalists like having a good handle on financial gain or anything like that but like WISDOM. When I look at the eye of the dragon I see so many levels. It’s seeing the physical. It’s eye expands and it expands and it expands and it expands, and it sees on so many levels and even beyond all of that perception, it’s got higher sight,… It’s seeing things on the Universal Level, and I feel the more we connect with that piece of ourselves, we released ourselves from these needs to be destructive. I feel like the more you connect with the heart centered space, with the heart centered energy, the more you realize your transformed into a place where you don’t need to destroy things, it deprograms you completely, because you’re operating from this place of wisdom from beyond.

Kealapono: looking at all three of these cards what would you say about the ending of this year and entering the new year?

Stephen: I would say that somethings about to happen! It’s two fire cards and a water card.

Kealapono: Yeah! Right? The fires on the outer edges of the water…so in the Daoist practice there’s a process of alchemy and transformation, an internal practice of the body to take the fire element and to place it below the belly button, to place it below the pool of water—the Dan Tien—in the body so that by placing the fire below the water it begins to increase the temperature of the water and pretty soon the water begins to steam. And so here we have the two elements of fire on the outer edges of the solstice and the solstice being the pool of healing water of light and so with the fire element it allows for the water to evaporate to rise up to create clouds and those clouds begin to generate electricity and energy and it begins to create the storm and with the storm it sends lightening back down to the surface, the land, the water, the people—igniting, illuminating, jump starting everything into being awake.

If you’ve read this far, this is unfortunately the end. I was so deep in conversation I forgot to plug in my laptop to charge.