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This is the library of free meditations from Meditate? Maybe where we spontaneously joined in meditation every Monday. New meditations are now released to Patrons.

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Start by Finding Your Seat

6 min audio recording to draw your awareness to the lowest point of gravity within your body in preparation for meditation.

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Let Yourself Go There

10 December 2018

25 Min Meditation

Stillness for Solstice

17 December 2018

44 min meditation in preparation to making the leap this Solstice Full Moon. Get a running start by being still. Use anytime to align with your personal, local, and universal field.


Below the Surface

24 December 2018

43 min meditation in communion with the ocean. We’ll magnetize the skeletal structure as a tool of integration to prepare the body to dive deep below the surface and retrieve a gift from the ocean.


Connect to a Star

31 December 2018

Image credit: NASA, ESA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) – Hubble/Europe Collaboration; Acknowledgement: H. Bond (STScI and Pennsylvania State University)
45 min meditation to meet in the Unified Field of Earth so you can expand out to connect with a Star.


Enhanced Immunity

7 January 2019

35 min meditation to invite your future to merge with your present to enhance the immunity of the body.


Discover Your Sound

14 January 2019

35 min meditation to access your vibrational signature and discover your personal sound.


Microcosmic Orbit

21 January 2019

55 min meditation rotating through the microcosmic orbit of the body.


Spontaneous Order – Part I

28 January 2019

45 min meditation practicing energetic self organization aka Spontaneous Order.