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Community Class

Thanks for your interest in Mindfulness & Meditation. Kealapono offers regular public, private, and group classes online. Join us weekly for our Community Class on various Mondays, Wednesdays, & Saturdays.

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Start by Finding Your Seat

Eve Zepernick meditation at Ascension Rock - Mt. Shasta, California

6 min audio recording to draw your awareness to the lowest point of gravity within your body in preparation for meditation.

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Private | Mindfulness & Meditation

Kealapono offers one-on-one sessions to start or maintain a regular practice at home. Sessions with Kealapono are significantly less when practicing regularly via Patreon.

Regular Practice Individual Sessions

Group | Mindfulness & Meditation

Engage your personal evolution as you practice regularly with Kealapono and others online. The most economical way to sustain a consistent practice with group support.

Group Practice