#LIM18 Spirit of Cacao

#LIM18 works by squeezing your lips together as if kissing the center of the image, then focusing your vision on a point on the image. Let your left and right visual field overlap and merge together. While you're trying to focus allow the energy from your heart to flow up and out thru your lips to the image. You can also allow the heart energy to flow up and out thru your 3rd eye—simultaneously with flow from lips. Remember to keep your eyes open and breathe while practicing.

Download and practice with the image by printing it out or using your screen.

This was featured in an update:Spirit of Cacao | The Great Heart Opener
This original painting is part of the 'Lessons in Multidimensionality Series #LIMS'. It is a series of 60 paintings that integrates knowledge from other dimensions, realities, lifetimes, beings, beliefs, etc., with the present moment in this lifetime. Its multidimensionality can be perceived on many levels and resonates with the collective asking.