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QHHT-LogoQHHT is an amazing journey of consciousness and a way of understanding that all answers and healing lie within. It is a method developed by Dolores Cannon that combines the exploration of consciousness and communication with one’s source—the Subconscious, Superconscious, Soul, Higher Self, etc. Through deep visualization an individual enters an altered state and is taken to the most appropriate time and place so it may be explored, remembered, and integrated with the present. Then their source is contacted so that it may provide the answers to questions, healings, and additional information that is most important to the individual at that time.

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People come for a QHHT session for many reasons. Some come out of curiosity, some have questions about their life purpose, family, work, or health issues. Overall, clients want to better understand why their life has been the way it has, and most importantly, their purpose and how to move forward in the best way possible.

Some clients come with life threatening diseases, pain, discomfort, depression or addictions. Some come with a desire to make their life better. Many times they may feel an inner knowing that they are meant to be doing “something” different with their life but need clarity on what that something is. And sometimes they come with questions about our universe and their connection to it.

QHHT involves 3 sections – an interview, an exploration of consciousness, and a discussion. The entire session takes place in-person and will take on average 4-5 hours.

The interview is an opportunity for you to tell us your story from beginning to end. This helps us understand who you are so we can ask good questions when it comes to speaking with your Higher Self.

The hypnosis section will include a guided visualization followed by the exploration of consciousness. We’ll even call forward your Higher Self to help us understand the exploration, answers your questions, and perform necessary healing.

After you are brought out of the altered state, we will discuss your experience, the information gathered during the session, and review what to do next. You’ll be given an audio recording of the exploration so you can go over the material and put it into place.

QHHT sessions are $400 (approx 5 hours). A $50 deposit is required to schedule your session.

There are other QHHT practitioners who may charge less and also new practitioners who offer practice sessions for free.

The sessions are guided by the list of questions you create before coming to your session. The questions can be about anything. Start by contemplating your life experiences, key people, recurring patterns/themes, ailments or dis-eases. Ask about things you are curious about such as odd or unexplained experiences you have had in your life. Here are some general topics to consider:

  • Relationships/Career/Finances
  • Life Path/Purpose
  • Spiritual/Multidimensional
  • Other Lifetimes/Experiences
  • Health/Trauma

Anything you like. Be creative. There are no limitations. Remember your source knows you very well and has all the records of everything that has ever happened to you in this lifetime and all other lifetimes you have ever lived.

Create your list of questions and list all physical ailments. Bring them with you to the session.

  • Clear your day.
  • Have your list of questions.
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
  • Eat something nutritious and nurturing before your session.
  • Practice repeating the intention “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self”.
  • Abstain from using alcohol and stimulants, such as coffee.
  • Lightly exercise. A long walk is an excellent way to prepare for a great session. This is another good time to repeat the intention of “I have clear and direct communication with my Higher Self”.
  • Bring snacks like nuts, chocolate, fruit, etc.

The QHHT session is powerful and for several days following you will receive insights and understandings as you assimilate and integrate the experience and lessons learned.

Your physical body may also be clearing any wastes from the healing processes so drink plenty of water and give yourself a few easy days.

It can be helpful to keep a journal of thoughts and insights that come to you.

Listen to your session recording.

Kealapono offers sessions as he travels. To get the most up-to-date information or if you’d like Kealapono to faciliate sessions in your area, visit our Contact page.

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