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Thank you for your interest in scheduling a Private Session. In collaboration with your source, ancestors, guides, and spiritual helpers, Private Sessions are offered remotely via phone/online to expand consciousness and bring alignment to you, your life, and your work.

Kealapono goes directly to the source for clarity, answers, healing, life purpose, mission, and next steps. To understand your life story, gather appropriate information from other lifetime experiences, and contact your source directly, it is recommend to schedule a QHHT in-person with Kealapono before or soon after your first Private Session.

What’s Your Focus?

A Private Session is an opportunity to have fun exercising your multidimensionality with the guidance of a gatekeeper. Here’s some ways you can spend your time in session:


Try on different perspectives, expand ideas, explore lifepath potentials and alternative outcomes, discover the nature of a problem or ailment, gather information from other lifetimes/dimensions, meet with your angels, guides, soul group, ancestors, spiritual helpers, and access the infinite Universal Field.

Have something you’d like to put up on the big screen? Let’s explore.

Similar to Astral Travel, Psychic Perception, Akashic Records, Past Life Regression, Remote Viewing, Yoga Nidra, Day Dreaming.


Ready to step out of the light and dark paradigm? Take a frequency shift. Find out what you need to complete before you make the next one. Then let’s celebrate!

Focusing your session towards graduation will align you with your highest frequencies. In doing so, you’ll move yourself into your greater potential and your soul purpose. Continue forward with your degree for greatness. Legendary.

Similar to Ending Karma, Processing Exercises, Entity Clearing, Hoʻoponopono, Healing, Energy Grid Work.

Next Level

You know who you are, you know why you’re here, you’re listening and you’re ready. We need you. Stand up and live your Soul Purpose.

Keep doing what inspires you and if you’re inspired to focus your session on Next Level, then let this be a session for the Universe to show you even more. Life continues on even after the game ends.

Similar to Meditation, Mindfulness, Equanimity, Soul Contract Adjustments, Galactic Updates, Global Expansion & Alignment, Worldcentric Service.

Know Before You Go

  • Experience Presence

    Understand the basics of Mindfulness and the difference between judgement and discernment. Learn to observe sensations from a balanced perspective—letting things be as they are without trying to change them. A practice of radical acceptance.

  • Assign A Wild Mind with Purpose

    Have or start a regular meditation practice to develop and maintain the capacity to still and focus your mind and body with spirit.

  • Know Yourself

    Know how to process fear and be skilled in personal processing to help you recognize your triggers, take responsibility for your thoughts/emotional process/behaviors, and feel your way through the layered content to resolve situations.

  • Schedule your session

    Schedule your session via our Online Schedule. Sessions are facilitated remotely via phone or online call and are recorded for future use.

  • Prepare for your call

    Find a seat in quiet place where you’ll be undisturbed for the duration of your session. You’ll want to start in an upright position and be able to transition to a seated meditation position with your back straight or yoga nidra position lying down with your back flat on a comfortable surface.

  • Call In at your scheduled time

    Use your phone or computer to call in using the arranged method of contact noted when scheduling.

  • Allow for the Session to take place

    Let Kealapono stand by your side and create space while you’re taken by your Source into the Universal Field.

  • Listen to your recording

    Follow up by listening to the recording of your session as many times as necessary to integrate and stabilize the state of expanded awareness achieved during the session.

One session per item you wish to explore is recommended. By recording the session, you can replay the experience at any time to further integrate and stabalize the state of expanded awareness achieved during the session. Each session is 1 hour and costs $150.

To partner with Kealapono over multiple sessions through your Graduation and Next Level, contact us for adjusted rates.

Considered becoming a Patron. Hoʻoponopono Patrons are provided an annual Private Session and Monthly Mindful Medicine.

Become a Patron!

It helps to know your lifepath and purpose. There are many techniques to help one understand this. If you’re unclear, schedule a QHHT session or a Career Reading with an Astrologer or qualified professional.

Recommendation: Schedule a Career Reading with Steve Dahmus via

Another great tool to have is a custom art piece created by an artist who can channel and capture your vibrational signature. You can then use the artwork like a yantra to gaze and align your focus upon.

Recommendation: Commission a Healing Painting by Audrey Richards via

Private Session for Patrons

Engage your Personal Evolution as you practice the Art of Balancing with Kealapono and up to 7 others. As a Hoʻoponopono Patron you’ll receive an Annual Private Session and a Monthly Mindful Medicine group session in addition to other Patron benefits like meditations and premium content.

Become a Patron!

Schedule Your Session

Use the calendar to request your Private Session with Kealapono.

Private Sessions are available on Wednesdays, Hawaiʻi Standard Time (HST). To request a custom time, Contact Us.

A $50 deposit is required to reserve a session.

Please make any changes or cancellations one week prior to your scheduled session date. The deposit will be kept for any changes or cancellations made within one week of your session and an additional $50 deposit will be required to reschedule.
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